Attack on Titan

Don’t look so scary Eren. o:o
Wow,what a great season was that? If i say:”Shingeki no Kyojin was the greatest anime of 2013.”I don’t think there’d be anyone claiming the other way.
Well,as you probably know,most of our beloved animes are adaptations of well known mangas.But the thing you probably didn’t know is that mangaka of Shingeki no Kyojin Hajime Isayama took his manga to one of the well-known manga magazine Shonen Jump and they didn’t want to press Shingeki no Kyojin so Hajime Isayama took Shingeki no Kyojin to Kodansha.Kodansha’s 2013 profit’s declared as 31.346 million $.
Do you think Shonen Jump feels any regret now?


5 thoughts on “Attack on Titan”

  1. I don’t know if it was the best of 2013, but it was certainly good. Though the pacing was a bit odd.
    My point is still that the show would have been only half of what it was without its music.
    Also, truth be told, form the first chapter of the manga, I wouldn’t have approved of it. Have you read the manga? Imo, though it has its own, original style, that style is just not good. And it gets worse with every chapter. Extensive use of screentone is not a habit you want to have.

    Anyway, thanks for the informative post,


    1. I wasn’t reading the manga when i wrote the post,now i totally agree with you.Another thing is about that publishing stuff,i had another view on that after i watched “Bakuman”.(If you haven’t watched it,it’s higly recommended by me)Every manga including action or a cool heroic character isn’t suitable for shounen jump or any shounen magazine
      because publishers need to consider if substances are convenient for readers and we know that shingeki no kyojin can be a little messy sometimes.Can’t wait for second season with more epic ost'(I’m a huge anime opening/ost fan by the way)


      1. Yeah bakuman is one one my alltime favorites. Its awesome 😉 i even have most of the manga on my shelf xD
        Especially considering how it played out it really wasnt suitable for a shonen magazine.
        Yeqh i have a few soundtracks i listen to too but im not that knowledgable (yet) ^^


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