“Studio Ghibli: Need I Say More?” Panel – Presented at Anime Banzai 2014


Studio Ghibli: Need I Say More? – Presented at Anime Banzai 2014


Panel hosted by: John Fragglepuss Evans, Breanne Evans, Lindsay Starke, and Brittany Evans

This is a summary of our panel on Studio Ghibli for Anime Banzai 2014. In this panel we discussed the history of Studio Ghibli, the filmography, Hayao Miyazaki, and also some fun facts about the studio. We appreciate everybody that joined us for the panel. We would also like to thank Anime Banzai for combining two of the panel rooms so that we were able to fit everybody in the panel.

Studio Ghibli: A History


  • Studio Ghibli was founded in June 1985 after the success of the 1984 film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.
  • The first real box-office success in Studio Ghibli’s history (just over $18 million) was Kiki’s Delivery Service in 1989.
  • In April of 1995, Ghibli started the “East Koganei Village…

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