Third Season for Kuroko’s Basketball’s Anime Adaptation to be Aired in January


Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s Kuroko no Basuke manga gets another anime adaptation next year! The third season is scheduled to be aired on January 10, 2015 after the second season concluded with 25 episodes in March this year. The anime will premiere on MBS Station on January 10th, while Tokyo MX TV and BS11 channels will air it on January 13.

The official website for the third season of Kuroko’s Basketball also began streaming a 30-second video featuring the opening theme “Punky Funky Love” by GRANRODEO.

Kagami: It’s finally the semi-finals! Are you excited, Kuroko!?
Kuroko: Yes, Kagami. My excitement won’t stop.
Kagami: We’ll beat all those guys, and become number one in Japan!
Kuroko: No matter how strong the opponent may be, we won’t lose anymore!
Kuroko:Kuroko no Basuke.
Kagami: It’s definite, OK!?

(Source: ANN)

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