Nodame Cantabile

  Nodame_Cantabile_wallpaper_by_itsuko14    Hey everyone,i couldn’t write anything in the past month and i’m sorry about that.If i’m not mistaken i wrote that i was going to write about Gin no Saji next.I will do that as soon as i can but in this post i got another anime serie i’d like to talk about“Nodame Cantabile”.After watching “Sakamichi no Apollon” i became very interested in josei animes and i’ve always been interested in music so as a result music animes,too.
So lets talk about “Nodame Cantabile”.I haven’t quite finished yet but it won’t take long.There are three series:
1)Nodame Cantabile
2)Nodame Cantabile:Paris-Hen
3)Nodame Cantabile: Finale
Starting with first series we see the story of Shinichi Chiaki and Noda Megumi.This might sound like it’s filled with romance but it’s not,actually i could say there’s none in the first series.Instead there’s a lot of comedy which is great.And there’s Shinichi’s ambition to become a conductor which is maybe the backbone of our story.During the series we see Shinichi conducting in several orchestras and we get to hear beautiful classical music.It’s a great show and i think you’ll love it.And for those who like live-actions you can find a live action of “Nodame Cantabile”.I haven’t watched it but i saw that there’s a good cast.Here’s a link of the first series:PRESS HERE!


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