Hyouge Mono

Hello,everybody! I know that i haven’t been posting reviews in a long period,sorry about that.But hear me out in this post because if you don’t you’re likely going to miss the chance of watching “Hyouge Mono”.The reason i’m saying that is i ran into this anime completely coincidental. I saw one of series’ brilliant openings,adding it right here.

So watch and continue reading!

First two openings are amazing either.

   Lets talk about what’s it all about. Hyouge Mono takes place in Sengoku period and our protagonist Furuta Sasuke is a vassal of Oda Nobunaga(A character we are very familiar as anime fans :D).
Starting with the first episode we’re witnessing Sasuke-dono as a tea ceremony enthusiast,i’m not sure enthusiast is the right word for his love for tea ceremony actually.

He is an aesthete, a person who holds a dear appreciation of art and beauty.(From Wikipedia,Hyouge Mono)

It’s a hilarious historical anime i highly appreciate.I hope you consider watching,though it’s hard to find it,at least with a nice quality.

By the way when i was looking for the picture below google recommended me “Saraiya Goyou”.It looks nice,you can check it out either;i know i will.
See you,soon. 🙂


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