Prison School Anime Details Arrive


by AJ Adejare

Here it is, the anticipated Prison School promotional video just launched.   Published by Kodansha, the seinen manga created by Akira Hiramoto the anime series will come out in July 201.  the Summer 2015 season anime will have JC Staff as the animation studio with Tsutomu Mizushima as the director.

The cast posted by NeoGAF user ZachDeKoromaru is as follows:

Hiroshi Kamiya – Kiyoshi
Katsuyuki Konishi – Gakuto
Suzumura Kenichi – Shingo
Namikawa Daisuke – Joe
Kazuyuki Okitsu – Andre

Mari – Sayaka Ohara
Meiko – Shizuka Ito
Hana – Kana Hanazawa

Staff on board include Michiko Yokotte as head writer, and Junichiro Taniguchi on character design for the series. Mizushima and Yokotte just wrapped up Shirobako, an anime about the animation industry at the end of the Winter 2015 season.

What’s interesting is that in Shirbako, similar events occurred, so this is a scenario of art imitating life, isn’t it?

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