Boruto | Ultimate NINJA!!!

So the new naruto movie is going to be dropping soon Boruto: Naruto the Movie and Naruto’s son really got me thinking…could Boruto truly be the Ultimate Ninja? Think about it:

Boruto is the son of both Naruto Uzumakin and Hinata. Both of them possess very powerful abilities from each of their parents, Naruto has the Rasengan, and incredible speed including agility from his father being the fastest in his time and as well contains the Nine Tailed Fox beast within him Hinata has the Byakugan and the Trigram Palm fist abilities which co play with her speed. Why would this make Boruto the Ultimate Niinja? Because he most likely inherited the genes from his mother and father. According to Naruto Wikiia Boruto’s abilities so far include:

Unlike his late-blooming parents, Boruto was recognized as a prodigy by the time he became a shinobi. Before graduating from the Academy, he showed noticeably sharp…

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