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There’s a link for honey and clover’s second opening,you may say that it’s not something hard to find;well it’s.It was hard for me to find i don’t know why.Here             http://www.jpopsuki.tv/video/YUKI—Fugainaiya/21a6ea12d4a97e57a98d5fa3f22e9b38

Honey and Clover

259278Though i said i won’t be writing about animes i watched earlier,there’s a couple of them i need to share and i’m starting of with ‘Honey and Clover’ but first there’s something troubling me.As you all know there’re several anime/manga genres,most popularly:shounen,shoujo,seinen,josei,etc.I realized that a lot of people thinks there’re straight lines for what you can watch depending on your age or you’re being male or female.I think that’s not true.Well,of course different groups of people likes different things but it doesn’t means that you can’t watch seinen animes if you’re female.So when you realise i’m writing about a shoujo anime don’t be prejudiced,just give it a go.If we focus on our main topic,’Honey and Clover’  it has 36 episodes and as usual i tried watching it at once,couldn’t do it obviously .It’s a manga adaptation by Umino Chika.Our story sets of from three friends who are living in the same apartment complex and students at an art college in Tokyo and how their lifes had changed with the introduction of Hagumi-chan.As you probably know i don’t like giving too many details about the whole thing but i’ll say that it’s one of that animes you won’t regret watching.