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First Post

Kyoukai no Kanata
Kyoukai no Kanata

Hello,this is the first post of this blog;i’ll be sharing my anime reviews and suggestions on this page.Hope you’ll enjoy.
I’d like to talk about “Kyoukai no Kanata”;which means “Beyond the Boundary”.
Altough it was relased in 2013,i finally watched it a few days before i write this post.Well,there’s twelve episode so i thought that watching all episodes at once would be nice and i did so.In my opinion,even though story is not that powerful;i found it spectacular mostly because of characters’ great impact.
Mirai Kuriyama and her “Fuyukai desu!”phrase’s been the main reason why i’ve been telling all my friends and anyone that reads that post should see it.What i mean by that is this anime provides what any good action based anime should provide:Fun materials which suits to anime’s natural environment.That’s all i’m going to say in this post.I know i haven’t told anything about what Kyoukai no Kanata is about but i am not a very good storyteller.But i can tell that it contains unnatural things such as”Youmus” and “Spirit World Warriors”.I hope you’ll be able to watch soon and if you’ve already watched it join the conversation.Have a nice day! 🙂