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19-07-2015 Update

   Oh my.. ,I am finally back! I wasn't able to watch anything for the last two weeks and therefore couldn't post anything.I got so much catching up to do and i'll start posting as soon as it's done!
   Stay well!

06-07-2015 Update

   Hello,everybody! How are you doing? I hope it's OK,although how can it be bad for anime fans since we're blessed with new anime everyday :D
   I started as many new anime as i could,some i don't think i'll continue;some i found pretty good.There are some that i'm waiting for them to come out,too.
  I'll keep posting anime i'm watching that's coming out now and i'll be watching finished series and also write about them,here.
  I started watching The Tatami Galaxy,something i wanted to do for so long and i loved it so far;i'll post a review about Tatami Galaxy soon so don't forget to check it out when it comes out.Though that may take some time :)
                     See You!