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One More Time, One More Chance


It looks like problem with adding soundcloud playlists here finally solved,so i’m posting my only playlist(i put all liked anime soundtracks from soundcloud)down here:

Zankyou no Terror OST

7!!-Orenji A.K.A 2nd Ending of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

I recently found out that 2nd ending of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso’s by 7!! . Here’s the music video for the song.By the way that lead singer of 7!! , her new style looks good 😉

Jormungand Ost

Here,psycho-pass openings/endings i’ve been telling you about,enjoy.

Anime music

Hey people,you probably know that from earlier posts that i love anime openings/endings and Ost albums.But this kind of music is not easy to find,for free at least.Of course there are lots of videos on youtube but due to copyright issues problems with videos are occurring each and every day.So i listen songs on a website which has adress:” http://www.jpopsuki.tv/search.” In adress there’s jpop which means japanese pop but not only pop music,of course.Hope that helps,see you on the next post.